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Nine Lives (2016)


Starring: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken

Director: Barry Sonenfeld

This film is definitely for all of you out there who watch cat videos on YouTube! It’s a really odd little film, but rewarding, if you’re willing to just go with it.

A wealthy businessman (Spacey) has been so caught up his work that his first marriage has ended, he’s missed his son growing up, and is about to miss his daughters birthday. When he wanders into a mysterious shop to buy a pet cat for his daughter to try to salvage their relationship, he winds up being transferred into the cats body, whilst his own is in a coma. In order to get out, he has to fix his relationship with his family.

This film could have been just another family comedy, and in a lot of ways that’s just what it is, but with Spacey as the cat, and Walken joyfully turning him into a cat and just being Christopher Walken, supported by the warmth that is Garner, this film feels just special and unusual enough to find it’s niche.

Some of the special effects feel a little ropey, and the live cats used are sometimes obviously not the same feline, but who cares? It’s a film about Christopher Walken turning Kevin Spacey into a cat!

See It If: you’re a cat lover or like a little oddity in your films, it’s quite sweet and funny.


9 thoughts on “Nine Lives (2016)”

    1. Thank you for reading it and commenting! Yeah, it does seem like a different role than he normally does. Perhaps he wanted to do something fun, some comedy, for a change of pace?


  1. I ended up watching this with the kids, and found it quite amusing. Spacey’s voicework suits a cat’s blatant indifference to everything… and Walken’s cooky pet shop owner was brilliant. πŸ™‚

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  2. I had heard about this film a while back. It sounded completely outrageous but worth a shot considering the cast. I guess it fell off my radar and didn’t realize it was out already.

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