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Train To Busan (2016)


Starring: Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jeong

Director: Sang-ho Yeon

A banker whose wealthy lifestyle and workaholic nature have estranged him from those around him finds himself fighting for his life and learning to think about others when an infection breaks out on the train he is on with his young daughter.

It’s kind of Liar Liar, on a train in South Korea, with zombies.

The characters are all a bit stock, the gentle mothering type, the hero who dies to save people, the CEO who sacrifices everyone to save himself. But on the whole, the film is very entertaining. The disease spreads really fast and the way that the infected can’t see in the dark and horde like insects feels fairly original (it’s like the undead in World War Z, but improved). For me, the drama of the slow motion shots fell flat, but on the whole, the film is action packed, fun, brutal, melodramatic and quite entertaining.

See It If: you love Korean horror, zombie movies or a good action/horror. It’s a real trip.


8 thoughts on “Train To Busan (2016)”

  1. I am enormous lover of anything Asian. I love Korean dramaseries and have also a very big collection of Asian movies on dvd. I can’t wait for this one. It has not yet been released here, but from everything I have read about and seen in the trailers, this one is highly enjoyable. Great that you reviewed this one..😊

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      1. That one is also still on my list. Haven’t watched it for exactly the same reason: it is not out here yet. At times Holland can be a bit of an annoying place to,live when it comes to movies being released lol 😂 Looking forward to your review!

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  2. I enjoyed this film 🙂 I think its theme is more about human reaction in the face of tragedy versus oh-look-there’s-a-zombie-outbreak-let’s-run-for-our-lives kind of thing. The zombie apocalypse was used to provide a tragic background where the film could reveal how humans would most likely respond in the midst of fear and desire to survive. 10/10 will watch if there’s a sequel haha. 😀

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