Interview: Tom Cruise on the red carpet at Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – London Premiere

Last night, in London’s Leicester Square, the glitterati arrived to attend the premiere of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the latest installment of the Lee Childs penned, Tom Cruise starring, all action thriller. I caught up with the stars to ask them a few questions about the film…


Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher

Notoriously doing all his own stunts, yet again, Tom Cruise is an unstoppable force, much like Jack Reacher. “There were a few bruises and bumps with this one. When you are doing fights like these no matter how hard you train, it’s always challenging. The guys who I did it with are very, very skilled and you gotta go hard and Reacher has a unique fighting style that I love, it’s really fun to play and quite abruptly brutal and very entertaining.” He said. On the enduring nature of the lead character and the franchise, he pointed out that the character of Reacher is key. “The plots are just conceived to a point where you can only see this character in it. And I think that kinda makes things that we were able to do with him meant we could challenge him emotionally and physically and it’s an entertaining character he does outrageous things.”


Cobie Smulders, Major Susan Turner

A gorgeous and playful presence off screen, Smulders plays a woman framed for a crime in a conspiracy who needs Jack’s help. “She’s a really great character, a woman who has gone through a lot. Very capable, very strong. She and Jack Reacher become …comrades and the goal for them is to find these people who actually committed the crime that she was charged for.” Asked about the popularity of Jack Reacher, and why he’s an enduring character, she pointed out the popularity of the novels. “Lee Child has written 21 books – 21st coming up this month. The character is just a man who likes to get stuff done and part of the military and wasn’t happy with the system and instead of pushing paper or going off, he sorted of worked by himself.” She liked working with her co-stars, saying with a smile “it was just the three of us, we all got along very well. It was good!”


Danika Yarosh, Jack Reachers Daughter Samantha Dayton

The youngest in the trio of main stars, Danika plays the teenage daughter of Jack Reacher. She speaks calmly and confidently, but gestures with her hands in a way that was quite endearing, and showed her shyness a little. She said Tom was “so kind and so down to earth and so generous and to work with him he is so passionate about what he’s doing and it is so refreshing …he loves what he does, still, and that’s so inspiring… He kinds took me under his wing from the beginning and it was really cool.” In her eagerness to learn as much as possible, she said that Tom bought her a film dictionary with everyone she might need to know in it, so she could learn everything. Of her character, “Sam is closeted…very independent and very head strong and confident and she’s kind of a lot like Reacher. Too mature for her age and used to being alone,” she said. “There is a weird dynamic between her, Reacher, and Turner. They are headbutting a lot but they rely on each other and it’s so cool to play this turning relationship. So many different layers.” So is Jack Reacher a film with good female characters or role models? “In real life girls are strong and they can be independent and it’s so important to have this in film and entertainment that reflects this real life.”


Don Granger, Producer

“This film comes back to Jack Reacher with no home and no ties and just sort of going where the wind takes him and that’s the way he’s been.” Said Don, on the new film. Jack Reacher seems to speak to so many people, Don says that this is because “The essence of Jack Reacher is very simple. He is the cowboy who comes off the range on his horse to bring justice for a small town. He’s a knight in shining armor from the middle ages, there’s something incredibly alluring about that solitary character.” On casting Cobie as Turner, he said “I’ve been a fan of Cobie Smulders for many many years, my kids actually got me watching How I Met Your Mother! She exudes intelligence and is a very strong woman. In the Marvel movies she plays another strong woman and I knew there was no other choice.”


Edward Zwick, Director

On the character Jack Reacher, “It’s his intensity. The character is a man who cannot be stopped and that’s where you’ll find Tom too…In the first film, he’s a little bit more scared and removed and in this story he has no option to be this way.” He loved working with his three leads, and really reveled in the chance to push his actors. “I love working with strong actors of all kinds. Three strong characters bouncing off each other in very tight situations!”


Lee Child, Author of the Jack Reacher Novels

“I have a cameo in this!” Lee enthuses. He’s a tall, well spoken man, who looks at you with an eye to detail, reading you, but also with a sense of humour. Did he think that Cruise was a good fir to play Reacher? “You have to find an actor who can bring out the good side of the character and Cruise can….In this story he is not on his own and there are characters like him and now he has to figure out how to operate.” Does he hope that this is not the end of Tom as Jack Reacher? “I hope there will be plenty more. There could be another twenty movies, there could just be one.”

Special thanks to the delightful Sarah Cook at We Make Movies On Weekends, you can check out their site and coverage HERE on their site.

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