Film Reviews

Preview: War On Everyone (2016)


Starring: Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Pena, Theo James, Tessa Thompson

Director: John Michael McDonagh

Two cops in Albuquerque coast their way through life using bribery, corruption and violence to get what they want. With their lassez faire, no holds barred attitude, they’re on their chiefs last nerve, but when they start pulling a thread to find out about a robbery which they would like to profit from themselves, they find that the rabbit hole is a lot deeper than it looks.

It’s all about the hard drinking, but (sometimes) soft hearted, Glen Campbell loving Skarsgard and his well read, family oriented but crooked best friend and partner Pena, who seem to drift through life and think that the world is theirs to toy with because they have badges. They’re a hilarious pair with great natural chemistry. Whilst you know that their corrupt ways can’t last forever, and the fact that they’re taking on a criminal kind pin might mean the end, you want them to succeed because they’re fun and likable. But also kind of awful.

The film is very funny, and with it’s Glen Campbell score, the proliferation of three piece suits and the gorgeous, warm Tessa Thompson as a romantic interest, the film is one of the most fun that’s come out this year.

See It If: you liked dark cop/crime comedies, like In Bruges, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, or the directors other fare like Calvary. Very entertaining.


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