Screenjabber.com and me: more movie reviews


So, as some of you guys already know, I also write reviews for those delightful guys at Screenjabber.com. The new and improved site is live there as of this week, which means it’s a great time to check it out. Loads of reviews of games, movies, what’s in cinemas now and what’s coming out on DVD and Blu Ray.

I mostly do DVD’s and previews over there, below are some of the latest articles I’ve written for them, click if you want to take a look at any of them.

  • Evolution review Out Now – Foreign film about an island of women raising sons, but nothing is as it seems
  • Florence Foster Jenkins review Out Now – True story of a wealthy socialite who decided to sing at Carnegie Hall
  • Natural Born Pranksters review (DVD) – YouTube stars feature length hilarity
  • The Lady In the Van review (DVD) – British film about a writer with a lady who lives in a van in his drive way, true story
  • Hard Tide review Out This Month – British gangster flick
  • The Divide review Out Now – Documentary about the wealth gap in the Western world
  • Miles Ahead review Out Now – Miles Davis biopic
  • Community Season 6 review (DVD) – Final season of the hilarious comedy show
  • Black Mass review (Blu Ray) – 70’s Boston: Whitey Bulger wipes out his mafia crime rivals through turning informer for the FBI, true story
  • Bastille Day review Out This Month – Idris Elba stops terrorists who are not what they seem, in Paris.
  • Couple In A Hole review Out Now – following a tragedy, a couple hides out in French woodland
  • Barton Fink review (DVD) – Coen brothers classic
  • Dope review (DVD) – hipster geeks on adventures with guns and drugs



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