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Creed (2015)


Starring: Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson

Director: Ryan Coogler

Unsurprising but satisfying sequel to the Rocky series, in which the titular hero steps aside to support new blood, training the son of his former rival, Apollo Creed. Classic boxing movie tropes abound, with Michael B Jordan playing Adonis, son of Creed, who is reluctant to take on his fathers name as he makes his way into the boxing world. With plenty of nods to the Rocky franchise, and Stallone a powerful but endearing, mumbling, middle aged presence, the film has enough heart to carry itself, but has some odd moments with running and bikers, or unnecessary illness plots which feel clunky. However, Thompson as the beautiful musician love interest who is slowly losing her hearing is an interesting and strong character.

See If If: you like boxing movies, or you’re a Rocky fan.


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