Don’t Break The Chain: Writing advice from Jerry Seinfeld.


It’s really important for writers to be writing every day. Like any creative skill, it pays to keep practicing to improve your skills, but it’s also important to get that great idea out of your head and onto the page.

It’s not easy if writing is your dream but not yet your whole career, and we all have loads of commitments, and great procrastination skills.

What Jerry Seinfeld does is give himself a visual cue.

He takes a monthly calendar and keeps it in a prominent place in his writing space. Each day that he writes, he crosses off with a big red X. He then just refuses to break the chain. Each day that chain of X’s grows longer, which motivates him to write the next day, and the next.

Three days crossed off on wall calendar, close-up

The focus isn’t on how much or how long, though setting yourself some goals like that can also be useful, but the idea is that you can visually see how well you’re doing, and keep it up. Then it becomes a habit.

How’s that for motivating?


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